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Posted By Peter Bentley
One advantage of writing popular science is that I get asked to do some fun things. On 8 June 2007 I was one of the speakers in the "You, Robot?" debate in Cheltenham Town Hall, at the Cheltenham Science Festival (with Lola Cañamero and chaired by Mark Miodownik). The title was me tipping my hat to Asimov, of course. In addition to sharing a VIP room with all kinds of famous "TV scientists" which was fun, UCL decided they would stick my image on the homepage for the entire university for a few weeks. Yikes!

Posted By Peter Bentley
During the publicity tour for the US version of Digital Biology I had a 60-minute live interview on the David Brudnoy Show, WBZAM, Boston, USA, 16 July 2002. He was a lovely guy and it was a great pleasure to chat to him (and the telephone callers). I was greatly saddened to hear of his death just two years later. You can find out more about David here:

Posted By Peter Bentley
In 2000 I helped to make a BBC radio documentary that described how researchers such as myself were combining ideas from biology with computer science. The producer of the piece thought our research was exciting and suggested I write a book. Digital Biology was the result. You can listen to the radio documentary "Natural Technology" broadcast May 2001, by clicking here.

Although I'd written a few academic books before, Digital Biology was my first venture into popular science so I was very pleased when it became successful in several countries.