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Posted By Peter Bentley
In 2003 I was invited to give a keynote talk at Ars Electronica. The theme that year was "Code:The Language of our Time" and I discovered to my surprise that the talk was printed up and published with me listed as an author:

I forget how coherent I was in the talk, but while I was there I was interviewed for Austrian radio. Listening again some five years later I'm pleased to say I still agree with myself, although I'm slightly dismayed that all the research I describe in the EDBC, CES and OGFC books has not progessed us much further in this area. You can listen for yourself by clicking here.

Posted By Peter Bentley
At the end of 2004 Robyn Williams of ABC National Radio came to my lab to talk about our research for a radio-based science magazine show. I described (and demonstrated) one of our little bug robots walking around and explained how its brain had been evolved rather than designed by a person. (The specific research behind this process is described in the first chapter of On Growth, Form and Computers for those with an interest in all the techie details.)

Later I was given the link to the transcript of the interview:

It's one of those occasions when I wished they'd done a little light editing on my words - it's amazing how ungrammatical and repetitive we can be in normal speech, and how clumsy it looks when written down verbatim. Hopefully my words sounded better on the actual radio show.