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Posted By Peter Bentley

My original illustrated title, The Book of Numbers, has been doing very well around the world. It's now been translated into so many languages that I am not sure I have a copy of each version of my own book.

Because of its success, the publisher asked me to produce a revised paperback edition, which we have decided to title, The Invention of Numbers. This version is a smaller pocket-sized version that retains the key diagrams but allows the reader to read the material in a rather more portable format than the original large volume.

It's taken several months to get it right, and I'm pleased to say that the first books are now hitting the shelves. Click here to see The Invention of Numbers on amazon.

On a similar topic, I've also had a nice message from a reader who also maintains a gorgeous website that illustrates numbers. Check it out.

Please allow me to draw your attention to our internet project Aim of the site is the build-up of a collection of number pictures from all around the world and hence to show the beauty of numbers in their everyday use beyond their practical importance. You can find a lot of samples from different applications and countries on the site.

We are hoping that the visitors will also be interested in supplemental information regarding numbers in general and have included a link to one of your books on the English and German versions of the site (which also includes lots of beatiful number pictures itself). Probably there are also students or employees at your faculty who like to travel and would be willing to contribute pictures to the collection. Having three kids in school, we are unfortunately not able to tour the world ourselves looking for beautiful number motives.

Invention of Numbers

Posted By Peter Bentley

Most of my popular science books have been translated to many languages. One of the most translated version is now The Book of Numbers - I've slightly lost track of all the different versions. Today a new one suddenly arrived through the mail: Chinese. They've done a very nice job too!

Chinese Book of Numbers cover

Posted By Peter Bentley
Every author likes to hear from their readers, especially when they express their own enthusiasm in the subject. Here's a recent message:

Hello, I am really enjoying your book on mathematics. I am attempting to teach myself math and my question may sound ridiculous, if it does, I apologize. I was reading where you said the irrational numbers are between the spaces of rational numbers. It is so beautiful and poetic, I wasn’t sure if you were being literal. I have a fascination of the space from 0 to 1, and this sentence began a new fascination. Thank you for any response.

I'm glad you enjoyed the book! Math can involve a lot of imagination, where we think about strange spaces that may only exist in the world of numbers. It's true there are an infinite number of irrational numbers that live in between the rational numbers - it's up to you whether you wish to think of them as "spaces" but I think it can help if you are a visual kind of person.

Thank you much for responding. I forgot to say that the book is not only delightful but beautiful.

Posted By Peter Bentley
I've just received the latest translated copies of my popular science book The Book of Numbers. As usual they've done a lovely job and although I can't read Danish or Turkish, I hope readers in these new countries enjoy reading about the history of mathematics and the quirky characters throughout history.

Posted By Peter Bentley
It's been a busy month for foreign editions of my books. Today I received the Dutch translation of The Book of Numbers (De Wereld Van Het Getal) published by Fontaine Uitgevers. It looks very nice, although I can't read (or pronounce) any of it. I've also recently received the US version of the audiobook, available from Brilliance Audio as conventional CDs and MP3 CDs. It's read by actor Phil Gigant very nicely. Always a little strange to hear your words read by someone with an unfamiliar voice and accent! Also this month I received the French version of The Undercover Scientist (La journée désastreuse de M. Murphy) published by Dunod, which is illustrated throughout with funny cartoons.