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Posted By Peter Bentley
I received another batch of books from my publisher this morning. These are more translation editions of The Book of Numbers: German, US, Japanese, and Brazilian. Strangely the Brazilian version has a different cover image from all the others, and to my surprise it has a quote from Scientific American. I was surprised because to my knowledge Scientific American never actually reviewed the book. One of my PhD students solved the mystery - apparently my book was listed in Scientific American's "New and Notable Books about Numbers" in May 2008, and the "quote" refers to that list. Not quite sure why they chose to do that when we have plenty of other good quotes, but perhaps in Brazil this is the best way to sell books... Anyway, the book looks very nice so I'm sure Brazilian readers should like it.

Posted By Peter Bentley
Cassell illustrated, the publisher for my big glossy book the Book of Numbers have just told me that the book continues to be sold to more and more countries. I haven't received copies of all of them, but apparently it has sold in Chinese, Dutch, Finnish, French (France), French (Canada), Japanese, Korean, Spain, Vietnamese and German. The Brazilian version will be printed in December.

Posted By Peter Bentley
I just received my first message from a reader of the Japanese translation of The Book of Numbers. I tried to reply but the email bounced back. Anyway, thanks for the message... I'm not sure the reader is using the conventional definition of amicable numbers in the maths below, but it's nice to see that people are enthusiastic about the subject!

Dear Mr Peter J Bentley.

How do you do?. I'm Japanese、 living in Japan. I love read and watch your book(The book of numbers) The book has many episode lots of pictures. Manyinteresting story in the book. That is great. The book is my No1 favorite! I love "NUMBERS" and history of numbers. I'm really interesting in numbers.

First I had interesting in the Numerology. The Numerology fascinate me soon. Then I'm interesting in religious of history、 tarot and math. The numbers are very close to us. I read your postscript of the book. I would to tell you "my find out of numbers". If you still know the my find out of numbers story、 I'm sorry. also my english is not a puzzle. I'm so sorry too.

I had interesting in AMICABLE NUMBERS(PAIR)


I think 、it's very romantic. Then I want to know "The chemistry of amicable pair(each other)" Then I checked the amicable pair.

(my find out)

[a numerology rule]

ex) 220 : 2+2+0 =4

284 : 2+8+4=14 1+4=5

Single figures(1〜9)

ex) 220 284 =4 5

I checked for 100 of amicable pair from smaller.

So Single figures、

1,8 (also 8 ,1)= 23

2,7       = 33

4,5       = 26

9,9       = 14

 ̄ ̄



3,6 = 1

6,9 = 2

6,6 = 1

 ̄ ̄


1〜9 pair = 45patterns.

BUT Almost pair are 4pattern. 96/100


1+8= 9

2+7= 9

4+5= 9

9+9=18 1+8= 9

3+6= 9

6+9=15 1+5= 6

6+6=12 1+2= 3

5/7 = became 9

7/7 = multiples of 3


Become the even number when add bottom one column of the odd pair.

ex) 12285 , 14595


ex) 69615, 87633


AMICABLE PAIR in Japanese = 友愛数。

友=Friend、 愛=Love、数=Number.

SO I think、 AMICABLE PAIR(NUMBER) become the even number divisible peacefully.

They are so lovely. I want to share the lovely story with you. NUMBERS SO INTERESTING AND BEAUTIFUL. Thank you very much.

Posted By Peter Bentley
Another nice email from a reader of The Book of Numbers. Always appreciated!

I just finished reading your wonderful book. I wish I had a copy of this book before I started teaching HS math 12 years ago! Among the many great stories of the greats in the book, I also found countless facts which clarified and improved my own approach to teaching math. I have been telling my algebra and geometry kids for years, for example, that the word "tangent" has different meanings in math (sometimes a line touching a circle, sometimes a trig function), but now I know they're one and the same! I have also been telling my kids that one day we will be able to divide by zero, and when that happens we will develop new technologies just as the knowledge of complex numbers laid the foundation for electric power; well, your demonstration of the division algorithm regarding the issue made it clear that a division by zero is meaningless in any math like ours since if a/0 = b then a must be zero, which is normally not true; also the discussion of indeterminate forms was very enlightening and now, believe it or not, I'm skeptical about the use of the infinity symbol at all, even in calculus--but that's another story...

I would like to purchase a copy of your book for all my most promising students to read. Thanks again and yours truly,

Posted By Peter Bentley
The Book of Numbers seems to be doing extremely well around the world. Cassell Illustrated just informed me that it's been sold to all these countries:

German - Primus

Dutch - Fontaine Uitgevers

Spanish - Editorial Paidos

French - Eyrolles

French Canadian - Reader's Digest

Japanese - Yu-Shokan

Korean - SKK University

Brazilian Portuguese - Larousse

Turkish - Domingo

So far I've only seen the UK, US and German versions so hopefully they'll mail some of these to me soon!