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Posted By Peter Bentley
Not too long ago I was interviewed by up-and-coming broadcaster (and medical doctor) Elizabeth Hauke. My iStethoscope program will apparently be mentioned in her radio documentary on "The Sound of Disease" - I'll add a link when she's finished it. I was also interviewed about my book The Undercover Scientist (and a little bit about my background) for her radio show "Short Science" which is broadcast weekly on Imperial College Radio. I think my section appears in podcast number 11, which you can download from iTunes or listen from their website by clicking here. It also includes a nice review of the book. You can visit the radio webpage here:

Posted By Peter Bentley
The latest translations of my book The Undercover Scentist have just been sent to me: the Traditional Chinese version and the Spanish version. Both are very nicely laid out inside and have suitably amusing covers. I especially like the Spanish cover; for some reason the Chinese one has a rather old fashioned looking British guy in a bowler hat being hit by a bird poop the size of a snowball.

Posted By Peter Bentley
Today I was a guest on The Moncrieff Show on the Irish radio station Newstalk. Nice to have a chat with an enthusiastic host. We also had another book review, this time in reFRESH magazine. It was written by book editor Janet Tester which seems like a very appropriate name. She clearly has good taste too.

Posted By Peter Bentley
My publicist sent me a new review for The Undercover Scientist that I missed recently, in the Independent newspaper. It's triggered a new batch of radio interviews - I'll talk on an Irish show on Wednesday.

Posted By Peter Bentley
On my recent travels I managed to miss a shuttle bus leaving Miami Airport and was left waiting for an hour. To pass the time I dropped by the airport bookstore. Like similar visits to the stores in NY, Washington and Montreal, it was nice to see a little bit of me was already sitting there on a shelf.