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Posted By Peter Bentley
I was recently asked to participate in a British Computer Society evening dedicated to the legacy of Alan Turing. It was a fascinating event, with speakers describing different aspects of Turing's legacy to our society today - his papers; how he inspires gay people today. I spoke about Turing's contribution to Computer Science (and also took the opportunity to mention my forthcoming book Digitized briefly). It was a nice opportunity to explain the importance of Turing's ideas; if you want to watch what we all said, a video is available online at the BCS website here.

Posted By Peter Bentley
Today I was invited to attend the screening of the original Robocop movie, and then have a live chat with the audience about it. One of my more unusual public appearances perhaps! The invite came from science in the pub, who like to screen classic movies and then have an hour's discussion of the themes explored in each film with a designated expert. Our chat was also recorded by James O'Malley for the Pod Delusion - you can listen here. I think I mentioned scenes from the movie a few times so might help to see the film first!