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Posted By Peter Bentley

I've now written a second iphone application, this time to publicize the US version of the Undercover Scientist book, which is called Why Sh*t Happens. The program is called "iSmash" - it allows you to choose your own images and then "smash" them, with appropriate sound effects.

For those interested in how it was created here's a few gory details: The image of the glass is made from four photos of a real piece of glass that I smashed (carefully) with a hammer. Depending on the angle of the device, different images are merged together to give the impression that the light is changing. Underneath the photos are four partially translucent patterns of shaded glass which are also merged together differently depending on the angle. Underneath that, your five images are randomly shown.

Note that this is a simulation of a smashed image - there is absolutely nothing wrong with your device and pressing the "Home" button will quit the application as normal. If you have any problems with the program then leave a message on this page and I'll try and leave a reply here in a few days. I'll do a YouTube video for the app soon. iSmash is now available on Cydia, hosted by bigboss so anyone with a jalibroken iPod Touch or iPhone can enjoy the app.

If you like the application, please do check out the book by touching the screen during the countdown - you should enjoy it too!

the webpage for the application is here: tml

Enjoy iSmash!

Posted By Peter Bentley
Well, this may be the last update to my istethoscope iphone program for a while as I have a new app to develop! But due to popular demand from iPod touch users, I spent a while developing version 2.03 of iStethoscope. As usual I'll explain how it works here.

While the previous update makes the program more reliable for 2nd Gen iPod Touch users with microphones, there was still a strange problem with the 1st Gen iPod Touch. One of the users kindly offered to be a tester for me - many thanks, Justin D'Arcy - and with his help I was able to identify the problem. It seems that the early model iPod Touch does not behave normally when dealing with audio. It does not automatically call the "callback" functions when its audio buffers are full. My solution in version 2.03 is not ideal, but I created a special playback mode which force-feeds the audio buffers whether ready or not. This mode is only available to iPod Touch users. On the main screen you'll now see a little microphone symbol to the left of the volume. If you touch it, a red X will appear, meaning "no microphone." Now when you activate the audio by pressing "mode" you will be in the special compatibility mode, and will only have the Accelerometer to play with. The audio quality is not great, but it's the best I can manage, and at least it works. For best quality, you can't beat the iphone 3G.

If you enjoy this application, please check out the popular science book The Undercover Scientist

For support and details of how the previous versions work, look at the official support page.

Posted By Peter Bentley
This is the official iStethoscope support page. I've moved all previous comments here to make it easier. Please check out the following information. If you still have a problem, then please leave a message below and I'll reply on this page within a day or 3. If you enjoy this application, please check out the popular science book: The Undercover Scientist.

Help page for iStethoscope:

For details of how everything works, check out:

-the entry for version 2.03

-the entry for version 2.0

-the entry for version 1.1

-the entry for version 1.0

Also try watching the video for version 2:

And the video for version 1: