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Posted By Peter Bentley
Continuing the theme of my new book Digitized I was invited to write a piece for the Ideas Bank section of Wired a few weeks ago. It's now out, both in the print edition and online. I'm not sure whether that massive picture of me is really necessary! I should also add that my text was edited - when I refer to Maurice Wilkes the text should say that he created the first practical stored-program computer. See if any geeks spot that one. Here's a copy:

Posted By Peter Bentley
My new book Digitized is just about to hit the shelves and we've had the first book review. It's a nice friendly review from Steven Poole, top of his Choice column in the Guardian Newspaper book section this week. He mentions parts of the book where I describe software engineering and bloat, saying "Tactfully the author makes sure the word Microsoft appears nowhere near this description." Rather amusingly, because of this, the automatic news bot at tmc's online Microsoft News grabbed the review and reproduced it on their website. Anyway, we're very pleased by this first review! You can read it in full below:

Posted By Peter Bentley
An exciting day - I got the first copies of my new book Digitized, hot off the the printing press. I'm very pleased with the result - the cover seems quite distinctive (with its little hidden message for the geeks) and it's got a nice quality feel, with good thick paper. Always nice to hold a new book for the first time. Here's what it looks like:

Posted By Peter Bentley
The founder of wooshers, the Pulsatile tinnitus forum has been in touch again. It seems this time someone may have successfully used my iOS app iStethoscope Pro to record the elusive sound of her condition. This is what she said:

One of our group members has had success listening to the objective pulsatile tinnitus with your iStethoscope App. She gave me permission to share her experience with you, since I told her I thought you'd be interested!

She's been diagnosed with superior canal dehiscence and bilateral sigmoid sinus diverticulum. She has already had surgery on one side to correct it, and is awaiting surgery on the other side. Anyway, here is the post she shared on our Facebook page. I am fascinated by this and hope to again ask others --particularly those with a similar diagnosis-- if they too can hear their whoosh with the app. She is thrilled that she can now share the actual audio sound with her doctors and everyone. The doctor who performed the surgery --Dr David Eisenman in Baltimore-- is a doctor I've been in touch with for several years and he has corrected many patients' symptoms.

Do you have an iphone? The app is way cool! the Microphone at the bottom of the phone is used as the "stethoscope" you put earbud style headphones in and wear them. Then you open the app and crank the careful, just like a real steth if youve ever used one, it's LOUD...dont talk into it lol. You can listen to your heart with it by firmly pressing the bottom of the phone right where a stethoscope goes...same thing. Put it over you belly, you will hear your bowel. Put it one the sides of your ribcageor back, and you hear you lungs. Putting it all over different pulses in the body, I found my venous hum...which i already knew i had even though the doctors coudnt hear it. Right above the clavicles...I have it both sides and it goes away with certain head positions.

Emma Greenwood, Founder & Whoosher-in-Chief,

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