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Posted By Peter Bentley
Although I haven't received my author's copy yet, Brilliance Audio have already released the US audio book version of Why Sh*t Happens. I think it's very funny - especially when they bleep out the word sh*t. You can listen to an mp3 audio sample by clicking here.

Posted By Peter Bentley
I'm now the official host of the Royal Institution's cafe scientifique. Each month on the third Monday we have a new speaker to chat to anyone who wants to come along. It's a nice informal way for people to discuss science with some of the world's leading experts in comfortable surroundings. Last Monday we had Prof Robert West, one of the governments advisors and world experts on education and medicine. He specialises on tobacco and described the ways that governments, health guidance, and education can save more lives than just medical care. The RI is preparing a recording of the event so I'll link to it when it's done. Next month we have Eve Mitleton-Kelly from LSE talking about complex systems.

Posted By Peter Bentley
Another day and another review. From the really nice one I posted yesterday, this one is so short it's almost a haiku.

Posted By Peter Bentley
Just spotted what has to be one of my favourite reviews of Why Sh*t Happens so far. More like this one please!

You can read it by clicking here.

The original was here:

http://media.www.paisano- Sht.Of.Our.Lives.Takes.On.Scientific.Meaning-3708956.shtml

Posted By Peter Bentley
I just received my version of The Undercover Scientist audio book by Clipper Audio. Four box sets, each containing 9 CDs. I'm so glad we got the actor Roger May to read it all! Listening to it now for the first time, I think he's done a really nice job. Even I find it entertaining and I wrote every word he says! I guess this is something to get from the library and put on your mp3 player. (I'm more of a reader than a listener, but I can certainly see the appeal after hearing this version.)

The publisher's website, which includes an audio sample of my introduction, is here:

Here's a sample by Roger May from the soap chapter.