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Posted By Peter Bentley
I recently decided to revamp my book website at

I was beginning to run out of space so it now shows my books through a slideshow of real photographs of the books. To see more detail you can click on a book and read information in a popup window. The website does rely on javascript, so if your browser is not able to load successfully, the old webpage is still available at

I've also updated my UCL pages slightly, making the PhD theses of my students available for download for the first time. These can be seen under "Peter's students, Completed" at

Posted By Peter Bentley
It's been a busy month for foreign editions of my books. Today I received the Dutch translation of The Book of Numbers (De Wereld Van Het Getal) published by Fontaine Uitgevers. It looks very nice, although I can't read (or pronounce) any of it. I've also recently received the US version of the audiobook, available from Brilliance Audio as conventional CDs and MP3 CDs. It's read by actor Phil Gigant very nicely. Always a little strange to hear your words read by someone with an unfamiliar voice and accent! Also this month I received the French version of The Undercover Scientist (La journée désastreuse de M. Murphy) published by Dunod, which is illustrated throughout with funny cartoons.