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Posted By Peter Bentley
The publicity for my iStethoscope iphone app continues. This month I was contacted by yet more medical researchers asking about the possibility of collaboration, and Swiss magazine NZZ Folio published an article describing the app. This is what they said:

Posted By Peter Bentley
Not long ago I attended the unveiling of a new painting for the 7th floor of the Computer Science Building of UCL. The painter is Nigel Swift who also works in the technical support group. I chatted to him afterwards and to my surprise he said that several of the themes in the painting derive from projects by my students. The mosaic comes from Udi Schlessinger's Moisaic World, the swarm from Tim Blackwell's Swam Music and the biological windows were inspired by some of our biological models such as Fugue, the immersive model of the immune system with Gordana Novakovic.