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Posted By Peter Bentley
They're coming thick and fast - another review for my new book Digitized. This one is particularly fun, especially with that quote the book is an open love-letter to its subject.

Posted By Peter Bentley
Today there's a new review for my new book Digitized, in the USA publication Reviews Library Journal. Not too bad!

Posted By Peter Bentley
I'm starting to do a bit of publicity for my new book Digitized in USA. As part of this campaign, I was asked to blog for Huffpost. They seemed to like it - they instantly put it online. If you're interested in what I wrote, it's online here: bentley/learning-to-be-a-borg_b_1527532.html

Posted By Peter Bentley
A while ago I was interviewed for an article in the Polish magazine Focus. The writer just got in touch and gave me a link - looks like an interesting piece on mobile devices and health from what I can glean using Google Translate. If you can read it, the article is online here:

Posted By Peter Bentley
I received my first reader comment for my new book Digitized today. It happens to be from another author, who has a book coming out soon himself. This is what he said (and I won't annonymise the writer this time in case you want to check out his book):

Dear Peter,

I'm writing to tell you how much I'm enjoying your latest book, Digitized. The most recent passage I read, about art and creativity, was wonderful. I've never come across Latham's work, but in the past I've chatted with Harold Cohen about his Aaron system (his son, Paul Cohen, was my Ph.D. advisor), and it's a fascinating area.

I'm also writing to mention that Oxford will be publishing another popular science book about computing in the fall, by me: Computing for Ordinary Mortals. It's very different from your book, but there's naturally some overlap in the concepts.

Best regards, Rob St. Amant

-- Rob St. Amant Department of Computer Science North Carolina State University