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Posted By Peter Bentley

This page is now closed for further comments. If you have a question or want to share a story about iStethoscope Pro v8 please email here.

This was the official support page for iStethoscope Pro v1.04, the professional version of the original iStethoscope program. If you are looking for the support page for iStethoscope (free!) please click here.

Help page for iStethoscope Pro:

iStethoscope Pro was released on App Store on July 15 2009. It is the firmware 3.0 and 4.0 compatible version of the popular original iStethoscope program.

The videos below provide hints and tips on using the application:


Learning to use iStethoscope Pro:


Placing the microphone:




Why can't I hear my heart?


Showing the spectrogram:


Emailing audio:


Changing filter and spectrogram settings:


Changing audio mode settings:

Posted By Peter Bentley
Monday evening I hosted the latest cafe scientifique, this month with Meg Pickard of The topic was about social networking and whether sites such as twitter and facebook make us more or less social. An interesting discussion, with a good range of people from Internet-aware teenagers to Internet-phobic older contributors. I came away from the event with two main memories: first that the nice idea that even silly and seemingly pointless communication is useful social bonding and community-forming. Second, that during our coffee break instead of the audience doing the normal rush to the bar and chatting, we had a room full of people tapping into mobile phones. Hmmm! (Many did chat afterwards however.)

The audio should be made available online soon. The site is here: action=displayEvent&id=898

We also had a live twitter photo produced by a member of the audience just before we began. (I think I am hidden behind the bald head at the front of the room.)

Posted By Peter Bentley
Yesterday I took part in UCL's first public engagement symposium where those of us at UCL involved in public communication briefly explained all the crazy things we do (TV, radio, books, working with schools). Here's the webpage: engagement/opportunities/opportunities/symposium

It was run by "London's Beacon for Public Engagement" based at UCL which aims to support our work with the media and provide a few much-needed links. It was surprising how many of us are actively involved in the media, and also at how isolated and somewhat unsupported many feel, as most academics do not understand the need to engage with broader audiences in this way. Hopefully that will change soon. However, the packed audience seemed to think the whole thing was great, from the feedback we received since. The picture I took is not very good - I only thought of taking a photo for the blog as I was leaving:

Posted By Peter Bentley
The French translation of my book The Undercover Scientist seems to be progressing well. They have decided (with my permission) to use the title: 'La désastreuse journée de M. Murphy' (Mr Murphy's Disastrous Day). It's in the series "Oh! les Sciences" of the publisher Dunod and should be published in September of this year. They've also now got the amusing illustrations finished. Here's a sneak preview of one:

Posted By Peter Bentley
A few days ago the UK paperback version of The Undercover Scientist was released. You can see it in here.

I've been doing a few interviews for magazines and newspapers so these should come out shortly. We're also in discussions with BBC radio about turning the book into a radio series... not sure if it'll happen, but the interest they've shown already is nice. In the meantime I had a nice little note from a reader, many thanks:

I found your book riveting, neatly sweeping up so many scientific facets within one unenviable person's day.