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Posted By Peter Bentley
My literary agency continues its excellent work with The Undercover Scientist. We've now been offered deals for several audio book versions: W F Howes (unabridged) in the UK, and Brilliance Audio (abridged and unabridged) in North America. They might want me to read the UK version (depends if they think my voice is "right"), and the USA one will be read by someone with the appropriate accent. It'll be great to have audio book versions out in a year or so. The interest in this book is fantastic.

Posted By Peter Bentley

Yet another review! On Friday 20 June, in the popular science section of publishing news, The Undercover Scientist was listed as one of "Sue's Picks" for the Top Titles of the month. In her review she correctly pinpoints exactly where the title is aimed, so again it's nice to have a reviewer understand and appreciate this book.




The Undercover Scientist
Peter J Bentley/
Random House books
9781847945235/3 July/£12.99

Good popular science bridging that difficult gap between abstruse theory and the Q & A market, with an author able to explain and enthuse. Even my poor brain could grasp the concepts he discusses. organised around one mythical day he shows why and how things go wrong, the scientific reasons for the mishaps in your life from leaking pens to computer crashes.



Posted By Peter Bentley

It's always nice to have a review written by a knowledgeable person, and especially one with taste as good as this. I'd forgotten about this Cardano quote in the book; it's good that the personalities of past mathematicians are still able to amuse and stimulate in addition to their work. From the Guardian, book review section, last Saturday:

Guardian book review

Posted By Peter Bentley

The online publishers Blackwell books are featuring The Undercover Scientist as one of their books of the month. You can see their promotion on the front page of their website. It's nice news to have on the day of its launch!


blackwells choice