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Posted By Peter Bentley
I recently gave a public talk for the Systematic Exhibition at 176 Zabludowicz Collection, London. It was fascinating to go there and see the pieces - my favourites were The Blind Watchmaker and Reading Glass by Charles Sandison. There was also an early Damien Hirst piece in the same hall that I was speaking. I chatted about complexity and unpredictable systems - things like evolution, development, immune systems and swarms - applied to music, art, engineering and science. A nice audience turned out to hear me. A video of the full talk plus photos is now on their website.

Posted By Peter Bentley
One of my PhD students noticed my book Why Sh*t Happens (named The Undercover Scientist outside USA) managed to get another mention, this time on lifehacker, which received a large number of diggs. Always nice to see how these stories spread and gain a life of their own.Here's the link to the story.

Posted By Peter Bentley
This is the official support page for iStethoscope Free, the new free version of the highly popular iStethoscope Pro program. It has all the same audio capabilities and settings as the Pro version; the difference is that it has adverts and it does not have the spectrogram display.

Please note that this app is intended to be used for entertainment purposes and as a demonstration of the technology. It is not intended to be used for the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease and should not be used as a medical device. We are working to develop fully certified iPhone apps that may be used as medical devices in the future.

iStethoscope is hugely configurable, allowing you to change every major setting in the program. Please provide your favourite settings as comments below, to help other users. There is already extensive support available on the iStethoscope Pro page so if you have a problem the solution may be there already. If you still have difficulties, then please read the help pages and comments first. If you can't find a solution, then leave a query below and I'll reply on this page within a day or 3. If you enjoy this application, please check out the popular science book: The Undercover Scientist

Help page for iStethoscope:

iStethoscope Free was released on App Store on July 30 2010. It is the firmware 4.0 compatible version of the popular original iStethoscope program. If you have an iPhone 4 please visit this page for tips on settings.

The videos below provide hints and tips on using the application:


Learning to use iStethoscope:


Placing the microphone:




Why can't I hear my heart?


Emailing audio:


Changing filter settings:


Changing audio mode settings: