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Posted By Peter Bentley

My app iStethoscope Pro is one of the oldest medical apps on the store and has been a steady seller for many years. I've been sent some amazing stories about how it has helped save lives, and we've used the data it gathers in many different research projects. Today, for the first time in several years, I am releasing a major update to the app. This is motivated in part by the redesign of the iPhone 5 which places the headphone socket next to the microphone, making it very hard to listen with headphones as you record. The new version displays the waveform as you listen and is designed to handle recording without headphones better. You can watch the waveform to see if you've found a good place and the device auto-mutes itself to stop any horrible feedback whine. Of course it still works with headphones plugged in, or with the device paired to a bluetooth speaker as well.

Underneath this is actually a major rewrite of the code, with better compatibility with all iOS devices, compatibility with the forthcoming iOS v8, improved higher quality audio processing, a refreshed and simpler user interface using higher resolution graphics and the option to email the sound in compressed formats to keep the file size a bit more manageable.

I've also created a fresh set of help videos and simpler help pages, all accessible from the app by pressing the question mark.

Despite the changes, the app still does exactly the same thing to the audio: it amplifies and filters sound so that you can hear very quiet noises, including your heartbeat or the heartbeat of a baby (or pet). That's why it's iStethoscope Pro - because it makes your phone do exactly what a stethoscope can do!

From this version onwards I have decided to make the support email-only so that I will be notified immediately if anyone has a problem. So if you have comments, questions, or stories about your use of the app, please just email me here.

And finally, if you find the app useful, please leave some nice feedback on the AppStore so that others can benefit!

iStethoscope pro v8.0