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Posted By Peter Bentley
Some months ago a New Scientist writer with a sublime name - Will Heaven - (and ex UCL researcher) came to chat to me about parallel computing. I waffled at length, mentioning my systemic computer as I am often known to do. To my surprise, Will has just got back in touch, telling me that he wrote a whole feature which is coming out this week in the mag. I think it makes quite a nice read. Not often I'm quoted saying the word "piddling" as well...

it's such a long piece that I can't include all of it below, so instead click on the image to read the pdf.

Posted By Peter Bentley
Following the success of the hardback version of my most recent book Digitized my publisher has just sent me the first copies of the new paperback version. We're very pleased with the response to the book so far and I hope everyone continues to enjoy it. For those perceptive readers, we also tweaked the QR on the cover - it now contains a new hidden message. Here's what my copies look like. It should hit the shelves in a week or two.

Digitized by Peter Bentley paperback