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Posted By Peter Bentley

Hot on the heels of the major update to iStethoscope Pro last month, I am releasing v8.01 today. This update adds one of the most commonly-requested features from users: the ability to alter the audio filter while you listen. While you can still change the low pass filter settings in the iOS Settings app, version 8.01 now enables you to press the little left arrow and reveal a filter window. This displays an accurate frequency response from 20Hz to 20Kz of the low pass filter, which you can modify by dragging left or right. Swipe left to lower the cutoff frequency and hear deeper (bass) sounds more clearly. Swipe right to increase the cutoff frequency and hear higher (treble) sounds more clearly. I've added a new video in the help page to demonstrate how to do this.

Combined with the existing features, this important new feature enables you to modify all the major settings while you listen: the gain of the amplifier (using the plus and minus buttons) and the filtering of the audio. So if you're having trouble hearing that elusive sound, you can tweak the app until you hear it. Only iStethoscope Pro gives this much control and flexibility! Enjoy the app and if you have any questions or stories about using the app, please email support.

iStethoscope pro v8.01