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Posted By Peter Bentley
It's been a busy week. The article in the UK Guardian newspaper was published last Tuesday, and it began a whirlwind of media attention. I woke up to a request for an interview with BBC World Service. Even as I entered the studio I was receiving calls from radio stations across the UK. In addition to chatting on all these shows, a film crew from the BBC showed up at midday and filmed a piece for the 6 'o' clock news (later repeated a few times on BBC News24). I did yet another interview in Millbank for BBC Radio 4's The World Tonight and was then taken by car to CNN's studios where I was interviewed yet again.

The following day a car took me to Shepherds Bush and I appeared on the BBC Breakfast Show, and chatted on BBC London's breakfast show. Later I chatted on yet more radio shows across the UK, in addition to interviews from more newspapers and magazines from around the world. The story was also in the Telegraph, The Daily Mail, and the Metro newspapers in UK, the Sydney Morning Herald and several others in Australia, and many, many others around the world. I was also called by NBC and Fox News in USA asking for permission to use photos and videos for items they were running on the app.

I've also received calls from companies and interested people worldwide, and there has been more than one offer of a licensing deal, some quite surprising.

The result of this unexpected (and greatly appreciated) attention is that my little app made it to number 1 in the whole AppStore in the UK, and became the 2nd highest grossing app! It's now starting to slip back down to normal medical app sales levels; as it does so I am able to see exactly how many sales are needed to reach each position in the rankings. I may do another post on this sometime!

Many of my recent appearances are online, here are some of them:

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CNN interview

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