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Posted By Peter Bentley
As my latest application iLoop finally hits those virtual shelves, iStethoscope Pro continues to gather momentum. Last Friday I was invited to attend a cardiologists' meeting in order to help them understand the benefits of iPhones and iPod Touches. (They had all been given iPod Touches as a freebie for their meeting - lucky them.)

Also a company has now released the first attachment for the iphone which specifically works with my iStethoscope Pro app. The attachment allows doctors to connect a real stethoscope to their iPhones and then use my app to listen! Details of the attachment are here: . I have been in touch with the developer for a while and hopefully will be able to test it for myself very soon.

The combination of iphone attachment and app is proving to be so popular that it's made the news. I never expected one of my tutorial videos to appear in a news page either! stetho_adapter_and_istethoscope_pro_mak e_great_combo_for_iphone_1.html old-stethoscopes-to-apps/

Posted By Peter Bentley

I recently created another iphone application: iLoop. This is a multi-track loop generator for programs such as Garageband. It's intended to be a fun musical app that allows users to record short loops of real audio, edit and overlay them, and build new sounds or music.

Users of iLoop should read the extensive instructions here.

If you still have any problems, please leave a comment at the bottom of this entry and I will try to respond in a day or 3.

I'm also looking for links to audio or video that have been made using iLoop. If you've created a great loop or weird new sound, please put it online and I will link to it so that everyone can see your work!

I hope you enjoy the app. If you'd like new features or changes to make the app easier to use, please also provide suggestions in the comments below.