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Posted By Peter Bentley
Last month the creator of the website got in touch asking whether the iStethoscope app could help sufferers of objective pulsatile tinnitus. This is the condition of hearing a whooshing, rhythmic pulsing sound that is synchronous with the heartbeat that can be detected by doctors - sometimes - with a stethoscope. I'm not sure if any sufferers have had any success in finding or recording their whooshing sounds with the app, but they got excited about the opportunity anyway.

Posted By Peter Bentley
I'd been working in SIngapore for a couple of weeks talking to A*STAR about research, but while I was gone the publicity surrounding my iphone app iStethoscope Pro continues. In addition to continuing interest from medical companies (watch this space for details), there has been new interest in turning some of my books into TV shows. Discussions now beginning on that...

I've lost track of the number of magazines and newspaper articles on the iStethoscope... and to my surprise I have even been nominated for the Index 2011 Design Award, Denmark, as well as UCL's Public Communication Award. I don't suppose I'll win either, but always flattering to be considered! Finally I managed to find another TV piece filmed last month (also starring my PhD student Arturo Araujo). Enjoy!