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Posted By Peter Bentley
The Book of Numbers seems to be doing extremely well around the world. Cassell Illustrated just informed me that it's been sold to all these countries:

German - Primus

Dutch - Fontaine Uitgevers

Spanish - Editorial Paidos

French - Eyrolles

French Canadian - Reader's Digest

Japanese - Yu-Shokan

Korean - SKK University

Brazilian Portuguese - Larousse

Turkish - Domingo

So far I've only seen the UK, US and German versions so hopefully they'll mail some of these to me soon!

Posted By Peter Bentley
I've been asked by the Royal Institution whether I'd like to be the "face" and host for a cafe scientifique to be held each month in their new cafe in the newly revamped London building. I was there today, seeing it all and discussing the details. Like all cafe scientifiques, the format will be to have a friendly scientist speak for 15 or 20 minutes without any slides, and then just have a nice relaxed chat with the audience in the cafe. I'll be there to make introductions, help everyone understand how it works, and to ask a few questions to get people talking. They have one or two planned with someone else hosting early next year; I'd take over in March or April I think. I think it sounds like great fun. Those who know me may recognise that I sometimes like to ask a question or two...

Posted By Peter Bentley
The PhD Application Handbook doesn't generate as much mail as my other books, but now and again I get a nice email like this one from USA. I replied, thanking her.

For years, I have been interested in going abroad for a PhD; after perusing your PhD Application Handbook on Google Books, I had to get a copy. As a US citizen, it has been difficult learning how to navigate foreign academic and funding institutions and their respective schemes and requirements. Thank you (!) for your book! It has been helpful in addressing all the small but important questions.