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Posted By Peter Bentley
While work activities have slowed down during the Christmas break I've taken the opportunity to wrap up the new eBook edition of my first popular science book Digital Biology and release it to the online stores. This is a new revised edition with a new preface and footnotes which bring the reader up to date with research since this book was first written ten years ago. I also adjusted the text here and there - for example I can no longer refer to "cream coloured computers" any more - the days of IBM PCs and their single colour scheme are long gone! It was a lot of fun revisiting this book again, and it made me realise how my writing style has matured over the years. It also made me realise just how much (and in some cases, how little) progress we have made in the research areas of digital biology in the last ten years.

You can find this new edition of Digital Biology online here: ebook/dp/B006RBGMUI

and here:

Posted By Peter Bentley
A year after this new book was commissioned, and it is with the publisher, Oxford trade. I've had a lot of fun writing it - I was lucky enough to interview many pioneers of computer science, old and new. We've now decided the best title should be Digitized and we've decided on the cover, see below. There was quite some discussion about what message should be encoded in the QR code that forms part of the cover design. See what you think! The book will be published in March 2012. We plan to have a book launch and signing on March 26 in Waterstones, Gower St, London.