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Posted By Peter Bentley
I didn't hear the George Lamb show on BBC 6 Music, so I don't know what they said about the book, but here's the review on their website:

The Undercover Scientist - Peter J Bentley
Random House Books, £12.99

Bentley is a man with a degree in artificial intelligence, so He Knows Science. And he's decided to share it with us. Taking the example of someone having a shocker of a day, he reveals the secret science behind everything we do.. Ever over-slept? Slipping on shower gel in the bathroom? Or dropped a wine glass and wondered why is smashed that way? Bentley has the answers. Now you'll know why you're eyes feel hot if you chop a chilli then rub them (even though they aren't hot!). It might be a bit much to read all in one go, as there's a lot of info in there, but this is a book that opens up the world to you. Factalicious.

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Peter Bentley said...
Other recent reviews include: ‘Taking the example of a minute-by-minute account of a day, Peter Bentley reveals the science behind everything we do, from over-sleeping to slipping on shower gel….it won’t make you an expert on anything. But it’s fun.’ - thelondonpaper. Mixed reviews on another website - I'll concentrate on the good bits: "There are moments of 'gosh, that's interesting,' ... Bentley is clearly enthusiastic about his science and communicates that well... The book is written in super clear language in an entertaining way."
July 15, 2008 20:04:06
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