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Posted By Peter Bentley
The Book of Numbers seems to be out living a life of its own now. I found out last week that the German translation is now available: "Das Buch Der Zahlen." I've just received a copy and it looks good (although my German is too poor to judge whether I'm still saying the same things in this version). I think the Korean translation is out there too... I have yet to see it.

Also, according to my publisher, the British version was reviewed by The Royal Society of Popular Science and in a newsletter. (I have no idea what that is - but that's what the publisher said...) They also ran a competition on their website to win copies of the book, which was advertised in their newsletter from mid March to mid April. And apparently Answer Bank (a popular culture site with quizzes and competitions)“ had a banner on their homepage and in their newsletter. I can't find any of it online now, so I guess I missed it.

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