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Posted By Peter Bentley
Apparently the Korean version of The Book of Numbers is on sale. There's a Korean bookstore here, selling it: bookid=KOR9788979867305

I may be a collaborating professor at KAIST, but my Korean is limited to saying hello and thanks and ordering food. According to Babel Fish the title should be 수의 책 which is not quite what it says on the cover, see for yourself below. So I'm wondering what the title of my own book is... Anyway, it's always fascinating to see just how complicated they make cover designs out there compared to Western designs - it's a cultural difference that you see in many product designs (I think the red strip in the picture is just a loose "sales ribbon" to help sell the book). I prefer the UK, US and German covers, whatever this one says.

2 Comment(s):
Peter Bentley said...
It's already on sale in USA! Apparently doing very well, too.
October 18, 2008 01:22:57
David said...
Congratulations! When do we expect the US edition?
October 17, 2008 03:23:07
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