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Posted By Peter Bentley
Sometimes I get some unexpected requests as people read my books or discover the webpages. This recent one surprised me for many reasons, particularly when a quick web search revealed that the sender was based in Auckland, New Zealand. You've got to admire the ambitions of this teacher, but perhaps not her spelling:

I am contacted you from Birkemhead playcentre where many budding robot makers exist!

We are a pre school facility (0 - 6 years old) and we are looking to find someone to come into our centre and show the children how to make a robot that is at their level...that is something that they could do themselves...not necessarily a real one.

I appreciate that this is not necessarily something you proberly do but could you forward this to someone who could help us? Many thanks.

this is a rather unusual request, especially since you seem to be based in Auckland. I'm afraid I'm not able to help you - it's a little too far away and I don't know anyone in your area with those interests. You may find this book interesting, however:

Good luck!


thanks for your repsonce, sorry I thought I was on the nz massey university website, not london!!

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