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Posted By Peter Bentley
It's often quite funny reading online reviews of books and programs. It seems many people who write book reviews don't bother reading the books, and many people who review software don't bother reading the instructions. For example, there have been several people who seem to find the challenge of listening to their heartbeat using my "istethoscope" program just a little too much... one person even seemed to think that it was impossible and could never work. (I think if I was going to make up a fictional functionality I would be a bit more imaginative...) So just to show how easy it is, I made a little video recently:

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Peter Bentley said...
I have moved all old comments to the new support page. Please don't leave a comment here as I'm no longer checking old entries. If you'd like to leave a comment please go to the new support page:
February 8, 2009 17:14:38
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