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Posted By Peter Bentley
The Book of Numbers seems to be doing extremely well around the world. Cassell Illustrated just informed me that it's been sold to all these countries:

German - Primus

Dutch - Fontaine Uitgevers

Spanish - Editorial Paidos

French - Eyrolles

French Canadian - Reader's Digest

Japanese - Yu-Shokan

Korean - SKK University

Brazilian Portuguese - Larousse

Turkish - Domingo

So far I've only seen the UK, US and German versions so hopefully they'll mail some of these to me soon!

2 Comment(s):
Hal said...
I saw this same mistake as well, and I believe the author had in mind altogether another problem Fermat had solved involving rational and irrational numbers.
May 23, 2009 10:27:08
David Pease said...
Page 71 You state that for the Pythagorean theorem of squares, Fermat had proven that if the values of a and b were rational numbers then c had to be irrational. But for right angled triangle sides 3 and 4 the hypotenuse is 5. 5 is not an irrational number. I have been attempting to find Fermat's proof for the case where n =2 and c had to be irrational but can not find it. Can you assist?
February 10, 2009 21:18:35
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