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Posted By Peter Bentley
Yesterday I spent most of the day on a "radio tour" of USA appearing on 8 different radio shows to publicize the release of the book Why Sh*t Happens. The funny thing about US radio is that they can't say the title of the book. The solutions used by the hosts of each show were kinda funny. They called it "Why Shtuff Happens," or "Why ess-aitch- asterisk-tee Happens," or even "Why Shaaaaah Happens." The hosts of one show had a long discussion with me about it, saying they preferred the European title "The Undercover Scientist." Well, it remains to be seen if Rodale's decision on the title is a good one, but it's certainly attracting attention. These are the shows I've been on so far; I'll be on another bunch tomorrow.

National. ABC Radio Networks syndicated Talk “It’s a New Day”

New York, NY. WLNA-AM “Good Morning Hudson Valley”

Atlanta, GA. WDUN-AM “The Bill and Joel Show”

Minneapolis, MN. WFMP-FM “Ian and Margery” Listen to the interview here!

Philadelphia, PA. KYW-AM “KYW News”

Rochester, NY. WHAM-AM “WHAM Morning News”

National. All Star Radio Networks Syndicated Talk “All Star Minute”

Chicago, IL. WLBK-AM NPR “Walking on Air with Betsy and Sal” Listen to the interview here!

Cincinnati, OH/National WLW-AM/XM Radio Channel 173 “The Scott Sloan Show”

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