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Posted By Peter Bentley
Another day and another radio tour of USA for the book Why Sh*t Happens. Today being Friday 13, I found myself describing lucky and unlucky events. As before, the hosts of the shows found themselves in a dilemma about how to say the book title. In fact in the last interview they played a little trick and pretended we were live on air and then actually said the title of the book, followed by all kinds of swearwords. I was slightly taken aback! We then spent the whole of the actual interview talking about sheep. "Oh Sheep!" I figure if the audience numbers for all the shows are accurate I've been heard by nearly 10 million Americans in the last 3 days. Poor people, yes that's right. These were the shows I was on today:

Cleveland, OH. WMJI-FM “Lanigan & Malone Morning Show” Listen to the interview here!

Tri Cities, TN. WJCW-AM “Thinking out Loud”

Portland, OR. KEX-AM “The Morning Update”

Miami, FL. WIOD-AM “South FL’s First News”

New York, NY. WCBS-AM “WCBS News”

Minneapolis, MN. KQRS-FM “Bob & Tom Show” Listen to the interview here! (This was the only interview where I actually got cut off - we were running late for the next show but by co-incidence the line went horrible at the end. Listening back it seems to have triggered quite a conversation!)

Cleveland, OH. WEOL-AM “Les in the Morning”

Colorado Springs, CO. KCMN-AM “Tron Talk”

Springfield, MA. WAQY-FM "The Bax and O'Brien Show"

Poughkeepsie, NY. WBWZ-FM “Mark Bolger in The Morning”

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