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Posted By Peter Bentley
Here's the second part of the reader's story:

We went through the notch to the easy south side of the Doodad - the north face being vertical for perhaps 500' - and proceeded in loose fashion to ascend the staircase-like granite slope. Though firm rock, the inevitable call of "Rock!" came, everybody looked up and ducked and it hit Mr. Lucky squarely on top of the skull. The rock was small and only drew a little, though impressive blood.

By the time we got to the 30' summit block and climbed it, the party had shrunken to just four people (including him and myself), who got to the top. The first two then rapelled without a problem to the ridge next to the block, but when it came to his turn, he panicked and refused to rappell, since a sturdy afternoon mountain breeze was bowing the rope out over the north face, requiring a rappell with impressive exposure. I had to browbeat him, not to mention the rope handlers below him, to finally get into the then customary Dülfersitz mode of descent and make it to the ridge.

When we returned to the notch, he started complaining that his eyes were burning - he hadn't used sunglasses or goggles all day and was experiencing the onset of snow blindness. We got back to camp without any calamity, had dinner and crawled into our sleeping bags. The ensuing silence was split by a bloodcurdling shriek out of his tent, bringing the first aid experienced people running. It seems that his levator testis muscle contracted abruptly, perhaps as a function of stress, and yanked one of his testicles through the inguinal canal or at least far enough into it to compress the testis painfully.

Evidently some judiciously applied pressure corrected the anatomical defect, but he got all manner of consoling and empathic input the next morning, with his buddies inquiring "how they were hanging", 'if he might need a bop with a piton hammer" etc. On the hike out, it was only he who complained about being eaten by voracious mosquitoes He signed up with the US Marines the following week and commented that they were easier than climbing with the Sierra Club!

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