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Posted By Peter Bentley
A couple of years ago I spent some time collaborating with Gordana Novakovic - an artist who specialises in working with scientists and engineers, using "new media" to help create her artwork. I helped get her the position of artist-in-residence at UCL and we obtained funding from various sources to work together. In the "Fugue" project we developed her vision of an interactive immune system. It used my artificial immune algorithms combined with a kind of swarm algorithm, which I created with other computer scientists such as Tony Ruto. "Fugue" became a fantastic-voyage-style immersive environment in which participants could see immune cells attacking pathogens and watch as their presence affected the movement of cells in the virtual system. Gordana has now exhibited this artwork all over the world and recently the work has been described in an article publised in Nature Immunology, doi:10.1038/ni1009- 1043.

You can see more of the work here:

Gordana's website is here:

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