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Posted By Peter Bentley
It's been a busy week as Neon magazine in Germany have decided to write a feature on my book Why Sh*t Happens (or The Undercover Scientist in the UK). So I spent Monday afternoon dressed up in a suit having my photo taken while crouching over a pile of broken pottery, finger dripping with fake blood, making horrified expressions. I wonder what this article is going to look like... I'll post a copy when I get it.

I also noticed that my book makes Mike Silverman's list of top ten books last year. In his words:

Why Shit Happens by Peter Bentley

You wake up in the morning late because your alarm doesn't go off. Your toast falls on the floor, a bird craps on you as you walk outside, your car breaks down on the way to work, and your pen explodes in your packet. And this is all before 9 AM. Using as his hook a litany of minor disasters that we have all dealt with at one time or another, Bentley explores the science and technology of our daily lives, and how it affects us in ways both bug and small. This is a delightful little book.

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