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Posted By Peter Bentley
I recently gave a public talk for the Systematic Exhibition at 176 Zabludowicz Collection, London. It was fascinating to go there and see the pieces - my favourites were The Blind Watchmaker and Reading Glass by Charles Sandison. There was also an early Damien Hirst piece in the same hall that I was speaking. I chatted about complexity and unpredictable systems - things like evolution, development, immune systems and swarms - applied to music, art, engineering and science. A nice audience turned out to hear me. A video of the full talk plus photos is now on their website.

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Peter Bentley said...
Thanks for your suggestion Sheelah and I'm glad you enjoyed the talk. We've put the music technology company and record label to one side now so it's probably a bit late to sell our tracks! Peter.
August 8, 2010 13:21:33
sheelah said...
Hi I went to the talk and I found it really interesting it raised things i had never considered. You sounded a bit miffed that the generated music didn't make millions!! You may think this beneath you but I do work out classes at the gym and that heavy beat repetative music would be perfect. Have you though of marketing it at the fittnes tape market? Just a thought. Sheelah
August 4, 2010 22:57:34
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