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Posted By Peter Bentley
Last year two friends were invited to give TEDx talks. One was Tony Ruto, who worked as an RA and PhD student in the same office as me several years ago at UCL, and who is now employed by my old PhD student Siavash Mahdavi in his company. Tony asked for a few tips on what to say and what kinds of slides to show, so I gave him a little bit of advice, which he seemed to appreciate, saying: Thank once again for your guidance on creating and delivering a well received talk. Tony's talk is now available online here:

The other was Gusz Eiben, who works on evolutionary computation - my home field of research (although I investigate a few other bio-inspired methods these days). Gusz asked for details of my tables that I evolved using a genetic algorithm - he mentions me and one of my tables at about 10:30 in the video, which is available here:

The nice side effect of helping out is that there is now some discussion of me doing a TEDx talk later this year. Watch this space!

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