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Posted By Peter Bentley

I've had another astonishing comment left on the support page for my iOS app iStethoscope Pro, which I thought I would share here. It's amazing to see that my little app has made such a difference to the lives of some people. Thanks to John McCormack for sharing this story.

This App Saved My Life ! I was involved in an accident and broke my collar bone and had a huge Hematoma on my thigh.After getting a plate to repair my collarbone I asked the doctor if they should drain the Hematoma, he said they let it releive naturally.I explained to him that I was flying to the Carribean in a couple of months, would it be ok, he said yes.In a couple months I flew to the Carribean and the day after I landed had some terrible back pains,thought I had kidney stones, went to the hospital down there and they had admitted me over night. The next day they said I could go home and that I had a muscle spazim, the pain had subsided butI could feel a small weize like symptom in my back. I told the doctor about it and by the time him came to listen it was gone. I went back to the resort and tried to enjoy the rest of my vacation. Every night between 12:00 AM and 4 to 5:00 AM I could feel this weizing noise from my back it was very suttle, yet nothing when I laid at the beach or anything during the day. I kept a record of everything I did,ate,drank and even what exact times this happened.As soon as I got back to Canada I made an appointment with a doctor and told her about my situation, they did some blood tests on me and found them to be out of wack.They sent me to a specialist and they did all kinds of testing on me including lung testing and everything seamed fine. All this time I was still having the weizing feeling at night and told them that it only happens at night but they said that didn't make much sense I also told them they should admitt me over night so they would hear it and they said they couldn't do that. Back and forth I went to doctors for about two or three weeks and nothing. One night I was laying in bed feeling the weize and wondered if my voice recorder would pick it didn't and then I thought " I wonder if there is an app for a stethoscope and I found the Isthethocope and paid for the pro. After learning how to use it on Youtube I was ready for the next night. The next night like clockwork there was the noise and I recorded it on my Isthethoscope and emailed it to myself.The next day I called the Doctor and mad an appointment with them. I showed up for my appointment and it was the same thing they couldn't hear anything, I told them I had recorded it using the Istethoscope and wanted them to listen, at first they kind of snickered at it but after listening to the noise they went and got the head doctor. He was quite amazed at the noise and ordered a CT scan with contrast dye right away. An hour later I was in the emergency room with a Pulmonary Embolism. I feel very lucky to be here telling his story. That was Dec. 2011 If I hadn't been able to record it and show it to the doctors who knows what would have happened! Thank you Peter Bentley! This App Works!

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