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Posted By Peter Bentley
BBC Radio 4 has commissioned me to make one of a series of radio programmes celebrating Darwin's 200th birthday next year. The series is to be called "Dear Darwin." Darwin was a prodigious letter-writer, communicating with nearly 2000 individuals and conducting most of his research in this way. It was not unusual for him to be contacted by scientists and interested members of the public. You can read some of the letters on-line here:

Radio 4 has asked five "well-known" scientists and historians who specialise in different aspects of evolution (myself included) each to write a letter to Darwin explaining what we do and how we have been influenced by his ideas. We'll read out our letters in a series of 15 minute programmes, to be broadcast in the afternoons during one week in early January.

I've written my letter to Darwin now so we'll be recording it in the next week or two. I guess they'll make it available on the BBC website later, so I'll provide an update then. It was great fun to write. As you might imagine, it's an unusual challenge to describe genetic algorithms and artificial life to a man who would struggle with the even the idea of an electronic computer...

2 Comment(s):
Peter Bentley said...
Yes, I'll certainly try and do that!
November 9, 2008 12:53:06
David said...
Hi Peter, I hope you will be able to post a link to the podcast when this is out for those of us not in the UK.
November 9, 2008 05:17:18
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