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Posted By Peter Bentley
I was asked a few weeks ago to write an article for the US Oxford's OUPblog. They're running a sequence of entries from authors about Turing to celebrate 100 years since Alan Turing was born. Having written Digitized recently, which includes the stories of many pioneers of computing, not just Turing, I thought it might be fun to illustrate some of the views of Turing's contemporaries. So I wrote this slightly controversial blog entry for them... Enjoy!

Posted By Peter Bentley
Material World is a BBC Radio 4 science show hosted by Quentin Cooper that features interviews with various scientists. This week it was my turn, appearing with the curator of a new turing exhibit in the Science Museum. We had a ten minute slot (quite a long time in radio land) where we spoke live on air. You can hear what we had to say by clicking here.

Posted By Peter Bentley
It's not so new, but it's only just come to my attention - another nice review of my book Digitized on The Generalist blog. Many thanks! There's also another review in the New York Journal of Books.

Posted By Peter Bentley
They're coming thick and fast - another review for my new book Digitized. This one is particularly fun, especially with that quote the book is an open love-letter to its subject.

Posted By Peter Bentley
Today there's a new review for my new book Digitized, in the USA publication Reviews Library Journal. Not too bad!